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Scheduling Grids

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Scheduling Grids

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Scheduling Grids

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noteNOTE:  The Scheduling Calendar was replaced with new and improved Scheduling Grids starting with release 7.5.11.  This section of the Help refers to the new version.


Version 7.5.11 introduces a completely re-engineered set of Scheduling Grids using newer technology.  This has resulted in a more user friendly, attractive, and feature-rich set of tools that also perform much faster than their predecessors.


The Grid view provides a resource-centric calendar view that allows you to quickly find usage and availability information for specific rooms or resources. Shaded cells on the grids show when activities are occurring and may be color coded to indicate activity type and convey room usage information.  The Grid view differs from the Calendar views in that the view displays a list of rooms or resources. You can navigate this list to find scheduling information for each individual item on the list.


This tool helps schedulers quickly answer the following questions:


What is scheduled in a room on a specific date?

What resources are in use and by what activities?

What times are available for a room or resource?


Additional features are provided to allow schedulers to make quick drag-and-drop changes to existing scheduled activities, as well as create new activities on the fly for open times on the grids.


Defining Scheduling Grids


Using the Scheduling Grids


Grid User Settings


Grid Filters


Drag & Drop Editing


Quick Event Creation