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Custom Grid Filters

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Custom Grid Filters

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Custom Grid Filters

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If allowed within the grid being viewed, you may create a custom search or filter.  Start by clicking the search toggle button to expand the filter panel.




The grid definition includes settings that determine whether or not the custom filter panel is available, and if so, what options are provided.  Filter types and the choices within each type may be limited.


A keyword search field and various filter choices are available within the filter panel.  Keyword search options can include subject, course number, section number, and section title for sections, and event name and reservation number for events.  For individual filter choices, use the + button, if provided, to select one or more filter items from the list.  Otherwise, you may toggle filter items on and off by removing or adding the check mark.  Filter items may be permanently removed by using the red X.  Finally, you may use the "not equal to" option to the right of each filter type to eliminate certain choices.




Click Search to update the grid results.


When finished, you may click the search toggle button at any time to hide the custom filter panel.

Saving Filters

Favorite filters may be saved.


The saved filter toolbar is included at the top of the filter panel.


Saved Filter tool


When filter selections are made, the saved filter tool will display "custom" to indicate that manual filtering is being applied.  To save the filter selections for reuse at a later time, perform the following:


1.Select the filter options you would like to save in the filter panel.


2.Click the save button in the saved filter toolbar.


3.Enter a name for your saved filter.
Saved Filter Name

4.Place a check in the box labeled "Set as Default Filter" if you would like the saved filter to be applied by default when visiting the page.


NoteNOTE: If no default is specified, filtered lists will remember the last filter applied when returning to the page.


5.Click OK to save the filter.
The saved filter is now available for selection using the drop-down menu on the saved filter toolbar.
You may edit or remove saved filters using the manage filters option on the saved filter toolbar.
Saved Filter Manage

Exporting to Excel

The activities being displayed by a grid and its current associated filter can be exported to Excel at any time, assuming that the custom filter panel has been provided on the grid.


To export to a spreadsheet, click the Excel icon in the upper right corner of the filter panel.


On the "open" dialog window, choose either "Open with" or "Save", and click OK.


All of the summary information and associated ID values available for the current grid view are exported to a spreadsheet, as shown below.