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Search for Available Rooms

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Search for Available Rooms

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Search for Available Rooms

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The Available Rooms tool provides a quick way to search for available rooms and/or equipment and services. You may enter time and date information and filters to limit your search. Resulting available items may be printed or selected to create a quick event or meeting.


To access the tool, click the Available Rooms option on the Calendars tab landing page.  To perform a search, you will create one or more time/date entries, enter filter criteria, and search for availability.  Finally, you may print or save the results, or even create an event to reserve the space and/or resource items.  This process may be repeated as desired to refine results or perform additional searches.


Times and Dates


Time and date information may be entered to represent a single meeting, multiple random meetings, or a recurring pattern. This flexibility allows for searches to be performed on behalf of an event or academic section, or simply to research open spaces and items for informational purposes.


To enter time and date information for a search, perform the following:


1.Click the Add New button in the Meetings section of the search form.


2.On the Add Meeting window, select the option for Single Meeting or Recurring Meeting.


3.If Single Meeting is selected, enter the start time, end time, start date, and end date values for the meeting.
If Recurring Meeting is selected, enter the start and end time, the day pattern, and the date range of the meetings.

lightbulb_smallTIP: If the search is for space that will accommodate an academic section, a recurring meeting may be created to represent its meeting pattern. Choose “weekly” as the day pattern, select the days met, and then provide the term start and end dates as the date range.


4.Click OK to add your meeting to the search page.
Repeat as needed to build a list of meetings if you wish to search for items that are available across multiple times and days.


Search Filters


The search filters define the spaces and resource items that are searched for availability. By default, all filter options are set to “Any”, meaning that all rooms and equipment/service items are searched, and any available item is returned in the list. However, complex filtering is also supported, allowing multiple filter options to be provided to restrict the list as desired. These settings may be edited repeatedly to refine the list of results returned.


To enter filter criteria for your search, perform the following:


1.In the Search Filters section, choose the option in the drop-down menu that indicates the items for which you would like to search. You may search for locations, equipment/services, or both.


2.Identify the room or equipment/service field on which you would like to filter the search.


3.Click the edit icon.


4.Select the items on the list you would like to include in the search and click the OK button.
Repeat with other fields as desired.


Search Results


The Search Results panel displays a list of rooms and/or equipment and services that are available for all times and dates in your search and that meet the filter criteria. Because rooms can be configured to restrict usage by events or academic sections, the Usage Controls drop-down menu can be used to specify that the returned rooms are allowed for the activity type you have in mind.


Click the Search button to generate a list of available items based on the meetings and filters provided. You may change search criteria and re-search as needed. Click the Print button to generate a printer friendly view of the search results, including the meeting and filter information. The printer friendly page may be saved for other uses using your browser’s save feature.


If you wish to go ahead and make a reservation you may select a room and one or more equipment/service items and click the Create Event button. The quick event form will appear with the meeting information and rooms/equipment pre-selected. Complete the event creation process to reserve the items and create the event.