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A portal is a central access point to information from various sources. Astra Schedule provides a guest portal and a user-specific portal home page as access points to the system for both the casual and advanced user. The guest portal acts as the central access point to the application for all guests and users alike. This initial view of the application can be customized to include content and short cuts to various pieces of information.

From the guest portal page, application users can provide login credentials to gain access to a personal portal home page (“My Portal”) and additional application functionality as defined by their security settings. The “My Portal” page initially defaults to settings based on the user’s Primary Responsibility - an attribute of their personal record in Astra Schedule. Primary Responsibility options for people include User, Customer Contact, Institution Contact, Instructor, and Student. A default personal portal experience can be defined for each. Once a user is logged in, they may be able to customize their “My Portal” page, depending on the default configuration, as described below.

This section provides instructions on configuring and customizing portal pages, and defines available web parts.


Portal Configuration


Customizing a Portal Page


Web Parts