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Portal Configuration

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Portal Configuration

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Portal Configuration

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Each Primary Responsibility that is available for People records in the application has portal settings that may be configured. A portal administrator can configure whether or not a user can configure their own portal page, which web parts are available to them if so, and even the default appearance of their portal page. These settings are also available for the “Guest” portal page. To configure portal page settings, perform the following:


1.Click on Portal Configuration from the Setup tab.


2.Click the edit icon next to the appropriate portal page configuration option, or click on the portal page name and then click the Edit button.


3.Check the box next to User Configurable if users with access to this portal page should be allowed to customize their own page.


4.Check the box next to any options on the Enabled Web Parts list to make those web parts available for this portal page. These selections define the options available when customizing the page.


5.Click Save to save your selections. You may now return to the list, or you may click the Edit button and then click the “Click to Configure Portal Page” link to customize the default portal page for this portal configuration.


6.The default portal page will appear. See “Customizing a Portal Page” for instructions on editing the appearance of the page.