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Customizing a Portal Page

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Customizing a Portal Page

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Customizing a Portal Page

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If you have permission to configure your personal portal page, or are a portal administrator, you can customize the appearance of the portal page by adding or removing web parts and editing web part properties.


To customize the appearance of a portal page, perform the following:


1.Click on the My Portal tab.


2.Click “Add Items to Your Portal” in the upper right corner to view a list of web parts available for your portal.

NoteNOTE: Portal administrator’s have an additional link on the My Portal page labeled “Admin Portal Page”. Clicking on this link allows an administrator to customize the default portal page experience for users that share his or her Primary Responsibility. This is the same function as going to Setup/Portal Configuration and then editing the portal page.


3.Check the box next to one or more web parts you wish to add to your portal page.


4.Select the left, main, or right zone from the drop-down menu to determine the location of the selected web parts.


5.Click Add to place the selected web parts on the portal page.


6.Repeat the process, adding web parts to your page until satisfied. See “Web Parts” for a description of each of the possible web parts.


7.Once web parts are placed on the portal page you may change their position by clicking and dragging the web part header. Mouse over the header until you see the symbol with four arrows. As you click and drag the web part, an insert line is displayed to indicate the new position of the web part. Let go of the mouse button and the web part is inserted where the line is shown.


8.Web parts may be removed from the page by clicking the X button in the upper right corner of the web part. Click OK on the warning message and the web part will be removed.


9.Web parts may be collapsed or expanded by clicking the triangle symbol in the upper right corner of the web part. Click once to collapse. Click again to expand.


10.Click the edit icon in the upper right corner of the web part to edit the web part’s properties. Properties will vary depending on the web part being edited. See “Web Parts” for a detailed description of each web part.