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Additional Resources

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Astra Schedule Customer Support

If you need additional assistance or services you may click on the support link provided at the bottom of every page in the help document or visit to go to the Astra Schedule Client Community login page. Provide your customer login information to gain access to the suite of available support options.


NoteNOTE: If you do not have an Astra Schedule customer login and password, follow the link above, click on New Users Register Here, fill out the information required and submit your request.


The support Home Page displays any current support highlights or announcements.


The Technical Solutions link includes the Astra Schedule knowledge base, including a solution search tool, an FAQ, a step-by-step solution finder, and a glossary of terms. Additionally, the Technical Solutions area is your link to the support case management system. You may use this area to get updates on existing support cases you have submitted and to create and submit new cases to our support team. New support cases are immediately entered into the support case management queue for triage. One of our support team members will contact you shortly.


The Downloads link provides access to software installations and updates as well as product, interface and various other supporting documents.


The Training link provides information on supplemental training services along with in-house training schedules and on-line registration. Also find News from our training department and Tips & Tricks.


You may contact Astra Schedule Support directly at or 800.878.5611 during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F, CST.

Smart Scheduling Services

Astra Schedule also provides several consulting service options to help your institution with space, time and course offering efficiency. Smart Scheduling Services include:

Strategic Scheduling CheckUp

Every higher education institution faces the challenges of knowing the supply and demand of courses and optimal space utilization for its campus. Our Strategic Scheduling CheckUp will help your institution address these issues by identifying your current operational effectiveness in these areas.

Space Bottleneck Consulting

Space Bottleneck Consulting will confront your institution’s space and time bottleneck issues head-on. As in the Strategic Scheduling CheckUp, we will identify these growth limiting factors through a series of reports, analyze them to determine your space capacity and calculate your potential enrollment growth.

Platinum Analytics Consulting

Are you offering the specific requirements and number of hours your students need to remain on their critical paths to graduate within four years? Institutions need to address the issue of supply and demand in order to make the right number of courses and seats available to students who need them.

Energy Savings Analysis

Is your institution looking for more cost-effective ways to utilize resources? Our Energy Savings Analysis will allow you to estimate your HVAC load per student, based on current and future enrollments and space. We will also identify scheduling strategies to help you maximize your potential efficiency of campus wide energy usage.


For more information, please contact the Astra Schedule Account Manager at 913.652.4160.