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Instructor Optimization

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Instructor Optimization

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Instructor Optimization

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(Available starting with release 7.5.10, if licensed)


Instructor Optimization allows an institution to assign instructors to sections in a bulk, optimized process as part of sandbox scheduling.  The assignment process can utilize various different factors when determining the best instructor schedule, including instructor availability and section conflicts*, courses they are authorized to teach, cost, quality rating, and load.


*Instructor optimization may be performed either before or after timetabling.  Assigning instructors before the timetable is set (in the absence of meeting times) makes assignments without regard to instructor availability or time conflicts.  When times and rooms are assigned later, around instructors, this places priority on faculty preferences and availability.  Assigning instructors after the timetable is set (with meeting times) considers instructor time availability and avoids section conflicts.  This method reduces the likelihood that significant schedule changes will be required due to instructor preferences, and therefore potentially optimizes for schedule efficiency and student success (e.g. - if you need a day and a night section of a course for students, but an instructor is already assigned that does not have night availability, you'll either need to find another instructor (inefficient) or move the section to day (not good for students).


noteNOTE:  Instructors should be scheduled before rooms if you want instructor room preferences (or back-to-back room assignment settings) to impact room assignment.  Currently assigned rooms are not considered during instructor assignment.  However, room preferences are a factor if instructors are assigned during room assignment.


The following configuration is required to fully utilize all of the features of instructor optimization:


Instructor Types

Instructor Availability Templates

Courses authorized per instructor

Instructor course quality rating (optional)