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Clone Program Template

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Clone Program Template

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Clone Program Template

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There may be many program versions at your institution that have very similar program requirements, representing all of the recommended ways for students to complete programs.  Beginning with the 7.5.10 release, a clone option is provided to assist with template configuration for these programs.  This feature copies the program template definition, including its course/rule choices and course probabilities.  If a different program version is selected during the clone process, the system will compare the rule structure between the two versions and only clone the rule areas that match.  For areas that do not match, the cloned template will inherit rules from the program version so that edits can be made to create a valid template.


To clone a program template, perform the following:


1.Click the Program Templates option on the Academics tab.


2.Select an existing program template from the list.

3.While in view mode, click the ProgramTemplate_CloneButton button near the top of the template form.

4.Enter a name for the new template if desired.  The source template name with the word "copy" is the default.

5.The source template's program version is the default program version.  If the new template is for a different program version, select it from the list.

6.Click OK to clone the template.  When completed, the new program template form is displayed.

noteNOTE: If the program version is changed and there are significant rule structural differences between the source program version and the new one, the system will not clone the invalid rules.  The new rules will be inherited from the new program version and the template may need to be edited to be valid.

7.Make any necessary changes to the new template.

8.Be sure to click Save on the new template to validate and save.