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Program Templates

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Program Templates

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Program Templates

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Program Templates are designed to simplify the complexity of an institution's program rule structure by limiting course choice down to those courses that are either historically most probable or are recommended for a specific program type.  Students benefit from easier navigation of rules for academic career planning, and the institution benefits from a significant gain in the predictability of course selection for future term planning.


Program Templates inherit rules by their association with either a Program Version or unattached rule definition (not assigned to a program version).  The complex choices within a rule or rules can be limited within the template.  Additionally, course choices provided within the template are placed into academic career "brackets" to indicate their sequence.  Finally, students are associated with templates through a combination of rule and/or program template student attribute assignment.  Ultimately, one or more templates is associated with each student (for majors, minors, unattached rules, etc), and drives their options for creating an academic plan.


Program Templates are used by the system during Sectioning, Simulated Registration, and for the Planned Course Sandbox for Academic Plan messaging.


The list of all program templates in Astra Schedule is accessible from the Academics tab.  To view the list, click the Program Templates option from Admin section of the Academics landing page.  This list can be filtered using various data elements provided in the filter panel on the left.


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