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Program Versions

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Program Versions

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Program Versions

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A Program Version is made up of the combination of a program name and catalog version, along with the collection of rules, specifications, and restrictions that form the requirements for completion of the program version.


Program Rules are the building blocks for program versions.  The rules themselves are not edited within a program version, but are only associated with the program version to establish requirements.  Once a program version is created, the structure of its collection of rules may be viewed within the program version form.




Program versions may be imported directly from a degree audit system or managed manually within Astra Schedule.


The list of all program versions that have been either imported or created in Astra Schedule is accessible from the Academics tab.


To view the list, click the Program Versions option from Admin section of the Academics landing page.  The list of program versions is displayed.  This list can be filtered using various data elements provided in the filter panel on the left.