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Create a Program Template

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Create a Program Template

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Create a Program Template

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To create a new Program Template, perform the following:


1.On the Program Template list page, click ProgramTemplate_AddButton.


2.Enter a unique name for the program template.


3.If desired, enter a description for the template.


4.Select either Program Version or Unattached Program Rule as the Template Type.


NoteNOTE:  Program Version indicates that the template represents a path to completing the requirements as outlined in a program version.  Unattached Program Rule indicates that this template is created so that rules may be applied to students that are not attached to specific program versions.  For example, general education requirements may be applied to all students as an unattached rule as opposed to associating them with individual program versions.  This distinction is typically driven by the degree audit system data and its configuration.

5.Depending on the selection above, choose either a program version or unattached rule from the list.
(If the template is associated with more than one program version, you may select multiple program versions.)

6.Place a check in the box next to Is Default Template if this program template should be the default template for unassigned students in the chosen program version.

7.Place a check in the box next to Use Only Course History Applicable to Program if a student's applied credits should be calculated based solely on credits that apply directly to their degree completion.

8.Click ProgramTemplate_AddAssociationButton to insert a new row and begin adding student property associations to the template.


NoteNOTE:  It is through student properties that students are either associated with, or excluded from, program templates.  See Program Template Students below for details on viewing associated students.

9.Select either Include or Exclude from the Include/Exclude column.

10.Select the type of property being associated from the Type list.

11.Select the applicable corresponding value from the Value list.

12.Repeat as needed to associate other properties to the template.



See Program Template Course Choice to simplify the program rule structure for the template.