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Instructor Availability Templates

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Instructor Availability Templates

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Instructor Availability Templates

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Instructor Availability Templates are used to apply default instructor time of day/day of week availability to groups of instructors.  This information informs the system about when groups of instructors are generally available to teach classes per campus and term type.  Once configured, the system will use the availability information during instructor assignment.


To create an Instructor Availability Template, perform the following:


1.Click on the Academics tab, and then click Instructor Availability Templates.


2.Click InstructorAvailTemplate_NewButton.


3.Enter a unique name for the template being created.  Example:  "Full Time Instructors"


4.If desired, enter a description for the template.


5.Click StudentAvailTemplate_AddRuleButton to create a time availability rule for the template.


6.In the template rule window, enter or select Start Time, End Time, Days Met, Campus(es), Term Type(s), and whether the time is available, preferred, unavailable, or office hours.
The Sequence number defines the order in which rules are evaluated if there are multiple rules defined within the same template.  If there are conflicting rules, the last rule defines the availability.
Click OK to add the rule entry.
NoteNOTE:  Undefined time is considered "unavailable" by default.

7.Rules are displayed in the rule list at the bottom of the template as they are added.  If additional rules are required, continue adding rules until the template reflects the instructors' availability appropriately.


8.Click Save on the template when finished.


Associate Instructors to the Template


The Assign Instructors tab on the template displays the list of instructors that have been associated to the availability template.  Filter options are provided on the left to help navigate the list of associated instructors.  The instructor list is a view of the instructors already associated.  Follow the instructions below to associate a template to instructors.


9.Once the template is saved, click the Assign Instructors tab within the template.


10.Click InstructorAvailTemplate_AddInstructorsButton to display an instructor selection window.

11.Browse the list of instructors and use the check boxes to select the instructors you would like to associate to the template.
Click OK to continue.


12.Once the correct instructors are displayed on the template, click Save to save the template.