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Instructor Types

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Instructor Types

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Instructor Types

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Instructor Types are associated with instructors so that rules may be applied to instructors based on their type.  A global list of instructor types must be configured to define what types are available at the instructor level.  Instructor types include a base salary/wage value that can be used in combination with a "cost" multiplier at the instructor level to determine cost of instruction per instructor during assignment optimization.  Additionally, the instructor type includes the default or term type teaching loads to be used by the system if instructor-specific teaching loads are not configured.


Instructor type examples include "Standard", "Adjunct", "On-Line", "Full-time", "Grad TA", etc.


To add a new Instructor Type to the system, perform the following:


1.Click the Instructor Types option in the Admin section of the People tab.

2.Click Add an Instructor Type.

3.In the instructor information section of the form, enter a name for the instructor type.

4.Place a check in the box next to "Is Default" to specify that this instructor type should be applied to any instructor without a designated type.  Only one default instructor type is allowed.

5.Enter the Instructor Cost for this instructor type.
noteNOTE:  This is only a base cost amount used to help calculate the cost of instruction for analysis and reporting purposes.  A multiplier is provided per instructor record to allow for more precise cost configuration.

6.Select a unit by which the cost is to be calculated.

7.IF "Annual" is selected, then enter the Annual Load for the instructor type.
By default, the Annual Load is considered to be the number of sections taught, and cost is calculated per section.
Units (sections, credit hours, or contact hours) may be applied to the annual load cost calculation based on the Teaching Load configuration below.  If Teaching Load units are sections, then there is no change to the cost calculation.  However, if units are credit or contact hours, then the annual load is divided by the number of hours to determine cost.


8.Enter a Priority.
This setting is used by Instructor Optimization to determine the order in which Instructor Types are assigned.  Typically, it is advised that full time instructors are assigned before adjunct/part time instructors.

Configure Teaching Load


9.Click Add to add a new row to the Teaching Load rules list.

10.Insert your cursor and enter the Min, Ideal, and Max values for the instructor load for this type of instructor.
noteNOTE:  This is a default value for this type of instructor.  This can be overridden at the instructor record level.

11.Use the drop-down menu to select the unit that is applicable to the rule.

12.Use the drop-down menu to select the type of term that is applicable to the rule.

13.Click Save to save your changes.