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Print Calendars and Grids

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Print Calendars and Grids

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Print Calendars and Grids

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noteNOTE:  The Scheduling Calendar was replaced with a new and improved version starting with release 7.5.11.  This section of the Help refers to the previous version.


Beginning with release 7.5.10, a print feature is available in the Scheduling Calendar.  This feature provides a printer friendly format for the calendars, grids, and lists that can be printed using your browser's native print utility.


To print from the Scheduling Calendar, perform the following:


1.Click the Scheduling Calendars option from the Calendars tab.

2.Select the Calendar, Grid, or List format desired.

3.Click Print View in the upper right corner of the screen.

4.When the printer friendly view appears, find and select your browser's print utility.

5.You may wish to change the paper format to landscape, depending on the calendar format being printed.

6.Print the view.

7.When finished, click Normal View to close the printer friendly view and return to the application.