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Event List

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Event List

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Event List

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The Event List web part provides a filtered list of event activities and their current status. Events on the list appear as hyperlinks and can be clicked to view additional details about the event and its meetings.


NoteNOTE:  The "View Events" permission is required for this web part.  The web part will return no events if the user does not have at least "View Events".


To configure the Event List web part, perform the following:


1.Add the web part to your portal page as outlined in “Customizing a Portal Page”


2.Click on the edit icon in the upper right corner of the web part.


3.Enter the desired number of event meetings to display at once in the web part. Paging controls are provided to view additional meetings.


4.Enter the desired parameters to filter the event meetings displayed in the web part.


5.Enter a title for the web part as it will appear on the portal page.


6.Select the Chrome State for the web part from the drop-down list. This option defines whether the web part is expanded or collapsed by default when visiting the portal page.


7.Select the Zone for the web part from the drop-down list. This option defines where the web part will appear on the page.


8.Optionally, specify the Zone Index for the web part. This option allows you to define the order of web parts within the zone. The default of “0” is the top position. Some browsers do not support drag-and-drop of web parts on the portal page and will require the use of the Zone Index to define their position.


9.Click OK to save your changes and return to the portal page view.