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Dashboard Report

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Dashboard Report

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Dashboard Report

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The Dashboard Report web part provides an at-a-glance summary of information from a pre-defined application report in the form of a chart or graph. Reports used for the Dashboard Report web part must be uploaded into the Astra Schedule application and available in the report list.


Charts and graphs to be included in Dashboard Report web parts must be configured as “Report Parts” inside the Crystal report file, and must be sized appropriately to fit into either the left/right or main portal zones. If using all of the zones, the left, main, and right portal zones should use roughly 25%, 50%, and 25% of the screen space, respectively. This means that at a resolution of 1024 x 768, left and right Report Parts should be roughly 2” wide, and main zone Report Parts should be roughly 4” wide. You may need to experiment with these settings to achieve the desired results, depending on zone usage and screen resolutions. Several sample Dashboard-appropriate reports are provided with Astra Schedule and include “Dashboard” in their titles.


To configure the Dashboard Report web part, perform the following:


1.Add the web part to your portal page as outlined in “Customizing a Portal Page”


2.Click on the edit icon in the upper right corner of the web part.


3.Choose a report category from the drop-down list to narrow the list of reports from which to select.


4.Choose the dashboard report you wish to use from the Reports drop-down list.


5.Once the report is selected, any parameters specified in the report will be presented on the screen. Specify the parameters as required.


6.Enter a title for the web part as it will appear on the portal page.


7.Select the Chrome State for the web part from the drop-down list. This option defines whether the web part is expanded or collapsed by default when visiting the portal page.


8.Select the Zone for the web part from the drop-down list. This option defines where the web part will appear on the page.


9.Optionally, specify the Zone Index for the web part. This option allows you to define the order of web parts within the zone. The default of “0” is the top position. Some browsers do not support drag-and-drop of web parts on the portal page and will require the use of the Zone Index to define their position.


10.Click OK to save your changes and return to the portal page view.