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The Analysis Dashboard

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The Analysis Dashboard

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The Analysis Dashboard

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Available starting with release 7.5.7, Ad Astra's Dashboard options provide state of the art data visualization for roll-up and drill-down analysis of data in Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics as well as KPI metrics and comparative data analyzed in the Strategic Scheduling CheckUp.


Ad Astra Dashboards are an Astra Cloud hosted solution, which is capable of extracting data from client installations of Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics databases over a secure Site-to-Site VPN connection.  Dashboard data can be refreshed nightly and on demand.


Platinum Analytics dashboards provide the results of Analysis runs that can be viewed and filtered by top-n/bottom-n findings, academic colleges and academic departments to manage and share planning data.


The Platinum Dashboard subscription is automatically included for Platinum Analytics customers.


You can access the Platinum Analysis dashboards in one of two ways:


1.You can click the Dashboards main application tab, then click the Platinum Dashboards option, and choose an analysis run from the filter list.

2.You can click the Dashboards tab directly within the results of a specific analysis run.


See Dashboard Navigation for more information on working with the dashboard user interface.


Examples of each of the Platinum Dashboards are provided below.

Course Offerings

Enrollment Ratio




Sections per Course


Efficiency Candidates

Efficiency Candidates


Efficiency Candidates by Department


Reduction Candidates - Policy


Efficiency Candidates Top N


Student Success Candidates

Addition Candidates


Addition Candidates by Department