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Snapshot Groups

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Snapshot Groups

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Snapshot Groups

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A snapshot group is a defined data bundle that includes an analysis run and n number of snapshots that can be used for comparison reporting.  When this collection is defined, it can be used for tracking changes against recommendations made within an analysis run.  This type of information may be made available via dashboards or other reports that show course changes over time, new courses added, courses removed, and other possible schedule changes.


To view the snapshot group list page, click the Snapshot Group List option on the Analytics tab in the application.  This list page allows you to view and delete existing snapshot groups, as well as manually create new snapshot groups.


To define a snapshot group, perform the following:


1.Click SnapshotGroup_AddNewButton on the Snapshot Group List page.

2.In the Snapshot Group modal, enter a name for the group.

3.Select an existing analysis run from the drop-down list with which you would like to associate the snapshots.

4.Use the + button to choose a number of existing snapshots you would like to add to the group.

5.Click OK to save the new group.