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Available starting with release 7.5.7, Ad Astra's Dashboard options provide state of the art data visualization for roll-up and drill-down analysis of data in Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics as well as KPI metrics and comparative data analyzed in the Strategic Scheduling CheckUp.


Ad Astra Dashboards are an Astra Cloud hosted solution, which is capable of extracting data from client installations of Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics databases over a secure Site-to-Site VPN connection.  Dashboard data can be refreshed nightly and on demand.

Dashboard Types

Astra Schedule Dashboards provide an analytical view into Astra Schedule to measure capacity, space and time utilization, academic operations, optimization scenarios and event roll-up data.


Platinum Analytics Dashboards provide the results of Analysis runs that can be viewed and filtered by top-n/bottom-n findings, academic colleges and academic departments to manage and share planning data.


KPI Dashboards deliver the metrics and findings from a Strategic Scheduling CheckUp in roll-up, drill-down charts and graphs and provide access to peer comparative data along with your institution's percentile ranking. An optional additional subscription to these dashboards refreshes the data two academic terms per year to measure longitudinal improvement in academic operations effectiveness.  These metrics support a framework for the development and implementation of policy, measurement of improvement, accountability and transparency.

Licensing and Access

When licensed, Ad Astra's Dashboard options are accessible in a new application tab called "Dashboards".  Each of the Dashboard types above is a separate link from within the Dashboard tab.  By accessing these links, customers can view and interact with the data visualization dashboards that they have licensed.


The KPI Dashboard is also available as a stand-alone URL for customers that have purchased a Strategic Scheduling CheckUp but have not yet licensed Astra Schedule or Platinum Analytics.


Dashboards licensing options include the following:


Astra Schedule Dashboard


oThe Astra Schedule Dashboard is available as an optional annual subscription for current Astra Schedule customers.


Platinum Dashboard


oThe Platinum Dashboard subscription is automatically included for Platinum Analytics customers.


KPI Dashboard


oThe KPI Dashboard is automatically included as part of a Strategic Scheduling CheckUp.  This dashboard is provided to view the findings of the checkup and is available for 6 months.

oThereafter, customers may optionally subscribe to the KPI Dashboard to receive periodic refreshes of the data.



Contact your Ad Astra account manager for more information on Dashboard licensing.