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Run a Job

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Run a Job

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Run a Job

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Active scheduled and on-demand jobs will run automatically once created. Batch jobs may also be run manually as needed to import or export data that corresponds to the settings within the job.


The manual batch process works the same way as the scheduled batch process. During import, new records are added to the Astra Schedule database that correspond to the specified term and campus, and existing records are updated as needed to reflect changes to meeting patterns and, optionally, room assignments. During export, room assignments for sections with matching term and campus designations are transferred from Astra Schedule to the SIS.


To manually run a job, perform the following:


1.Click the Import/Export Management option on the Setup tab. The Job List page will be displayed.


2.Click the Run Job Now icon next to the job you would like to run.

3.Alternatively, open the job record you would like to run and click Run Now.


4.When the job is finished, the job status field will display “Completed”.
Otherwise, the progress window will display the job’s progress until completion and then return to the list page.