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Import/Export Jobs

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Import/Export Jobs

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Import/Export Jobs

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The job record defines the job mode, the specific import or export rules to be used, and the campus and term filter to be applied to the data. Once defined, jobs may be run manually and/or scheduled to run automatically, depending on the job mode.


Batch jobs may be run manually or on a schedule.


Realtime jobs do not have a manual option and must be scheduled.


On-Demand jobs do not have a scheduling option and run automatically when active.


The Active flag is set at the job schedule level for batch and realtime jobs, but at the job level for on-demand jobs.


The Job List page can be found by clicking the Import/Export Management option on the Setup tab. The job list displays all import or export jobs created for the system. Similar to other list pages throughout the application, the list can be filtered and searched using the options in the panel to the left of the list. Each record on the list can be viewed by clicking on its name, and may be edited or deleted by clicking the icons to the right of the job entry. The list displays the job name, the configuration file associated with the job, the job mode, the date the job was last executed, the active status of the job, and the completion status of the job.