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Institution Settings

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Institution Settings

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Institution Settings

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Institution Settings are provided so that an institution can define the size and type of institution with which they want to be compared in the KPI Dashboard (available with a Strategic Scheduling CheckUp and as a subscription thereafter). Additionally, settings for per-credit tuition values and degree credential grouping are available for use in Platinum Analytics 8.0.


To edit your Institution Settings, click the Institution Settings option on the Analytics tab.  The institution Name is auto-populated based on your application installation.




Complete the applicable information:


1.Enter a numeric value that represents your institution's full time equivalent (FTE) enrollment.


2.Use the drop down menu to select a School Type.  The school type list is derived from the Carnegie Classifications for higher education institutions.


3.Enter Tuition per Credit Hour values for both Undergrad and Grad courses. This information is used for calculating margin in Platinum Analytics.


4.Select a Degree Credential Grouping. Grouping credentials allows for credentials to be "rolled up" for reporting and viewing purposes. This results in the management of significantly fewer roadmaps. The grouping is based on Program, Major or Program/Major, as defined by the institution. A user will set this grouping one time on the Institution Settings page. This setting can not be edited without assistance from Ad Astra's Technical Support team.


Click Save to save your changes.