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Create a Term

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Create a Term

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Create a Term

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To add a new term definition to the Astra Schedule system, perform the following:


1.Click the Terms option in the Admin section of the Academics tab.


2.Click the Add a Term button at the top of the terms list page.


3.Enter a term Name (display name).
This is the term name that will be displayed throughout the application.


4.Enter the term's SIS Key, or term code, associated with course offerings for this term (import name).
This field should match the term code used in your SIS.


5.Select a Term Type from the drop-down list.
Term Types are defined in the master list setup and are used to associate rules and configuration settings to term records based on their type.


6.Enter a start and end date for the term by either typing the date into the date field or by using the date selection tool.


7.Choose a default room scheduling preference set from the drop-down list.
Preferences associated with the selected set will be the default room scheduling preferences used for course offerings during the term.


8.If applicable, choose a default time scheduling preference set from the drop-down list.
If licensed, time preferences are used during the timetabling process to assign section times.


9.New terms are "active" by default.  Optionally remove the Active check mark to disable this term for use within the application.
If this box is not checked then the term will not yet be available for viewing and selection within the system.


10.Choose all campuses on which the term is valid by clicking the + button (Add items) and selecting the boxes next to any campuses associated with this term.


11.Enter any notes you would like to record about this term record.


12.Click Save to save the term record. The new term will appear on the list and is now available for importing course offerings.


NoteNOTE:  Exam sessions, exam meetings, and exam times are also configured from within the term record.  For more information related to exam creation, please see the Exams help topic.