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Add User

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Add User

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Add User

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To add a new user to the list, perform the following:


1.Click Add User from the main user list window. A new user form will appear.


2.Enter a Username for the new user. The Username must be unique.


3.Enter the first and last name for the user.


4.Enter an email address for the user. The email address must be unique.


5.Click Set Password and enter and confirm a password for the user.


6.Click Set to save the password and return to the user form. The “Must Change Password Next Login” option is checked by default. Remove this flag if the user should not be forced to change their password.


7.If LDAP/Active Directory authentication is enabled, you may choose to remove the user from LDAP authentication by removing the check next to Authenticate via LDAP. Additionally, you may choose to have the user authenticated via LDAP but not update their role information from LDAP by removing the check next to Sync Roles with LDAP Groups. See “LDAP/Active Directory Authentication” for more information.


8.In the section below labeled Security Roles, select the role(s) appropriate for the user being created.


9.Choose Save to save your results and return to the main user window.