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Student Load Templates

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Student Load Templates

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Student Load Templates

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Student Load Templates are the default rules used by the system to determine student credit loads during Section, Simulated Registration, and Analytics.  These rules are only applied if there are no student-specific load rules assigned from the student list page.  In other words, they can be used to assign credit loads to all students, or simply as a backstop to catch students that don't get more specific rules applied elsewhere.


To create a Student Load Template, perform the following:


1.Click the Student Load Template option in the Admin section of the Academics tab.

2.Click Add a Student Load Template from the Student Load list page.

Template Info


3.Enter a name for the credit load template.

4.If desired, enter a description.

5.Specify either credits or courses as the template type.

6.Enter min, ideal, and max values that correspond to the template type chosen above.

Student Associations


7.Select any Student Types, Student Levels, or Student Statuses that should be associated with the template.
Also specify whether the template applies to full time or part time students.
The student association settings determine which students will be associated with the template.

Other Properties


8.Select any Campuses, Term Types, Delivery Methods, or Programs that should help determine which students inherit the template.

9.Click Save to save the template.