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Student Load by Program - Student Summary

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Student Load by Program - Student Summary

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Student Load by Program - Student Summary

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* Platinum Analytics Only

Definition of Report Fields

Student PIDM - Student ID of actual students in the system. If the the student is registered, the term "Registered" will appear next to the PIDM. Simulated students are identified by the term "Simulated Student" rather than a PIDM.


Analysis Courses - All courses that will satisfy currently unmet program rules that the student is eligible to take in the analysis term.


Helpful Courses - Total number of courses that the student has the potential to take to satisfy a degree rule.  For example, if the rule states that a student should take 1 of 3 possible courses, only one of three would be considered helpful, although all three have potential demand.


Helpful Hours - Combined credit hours of the student's potential Helpful Courses in the analysis term.


Estimated Load - Average credit hour load estimated in Platinum prior to the Analytics run.


Overall % - Ratio of Estimated Load to the total number of Helpful Hours available to the student in the analysis term.


Courses - The probable courses that the student will take during the analysis term. This probability reflects academic history, eligibility and (in the case of Predictive Analysis) student preference and/or offering tendencies of the institution. The sum of this course demand for all students for each course is the global result of Program Analysis.


Load - Potential hours taken by a student during the analysis term. Derived by multiplying the credit hours of the course by the individual student demand (Demand * Credit Hours).


Load Variance - The difference between the student's Estimated Load and the sum of the student's demand during the analysis term (Estimated Load - Load).