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Spoke Language

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Spoke Language

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The ATE20.xsd will help a lot if you are using an XML Schema savvy editor (like Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.). The general idea is that you would define an EndPoint for the output file and use a FileWriter in the Target of a Phase. Below are some snippets from our Event signage export file and Banner section room assignment export. The spoke we will create will be a combination of these building blocks.  The following is not a valid spoke, but rather the highlights of the three most important parts.



   <FileEndPoint name="ftpSignFile">


       <Parameter name="FileName" ref="ExportFileName" />

       <Parameter name="Host" ref="FTPHost" />

       <Parameter name="User" ref="FTPUser" />

       <Parameter name="Pwd" ref="FTPPass" />


     <FileResource href="ftp://${User}:${Pwd}@${Host}/${FileName}" />






     <!-- The fields and associations again match what is described in the

          entity definition files. -->

     <Source name="Astra">

       <Astra from="SectionMeeting" rootElement="SectionMeetings">

         <Select column="SisKey" />

         <Select column="RoomConfiguration.Room.SisKey" as="RoomSisKey" />






     <Phase name="ExportEvents">

       <Fetch ref="Astra"/>


       <Target endPoint="ftpSignFile">

         <FileWriter verb="write" sourceReader="Astra">