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Initial Imports

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Initial Imports

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Initial Imports

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During an initial import the interface selects data from several SIS database tables using the parameters specified in the interface job and adds new records to the Astra Schedule database. The import creates new section and section meeting records, as well as builds the meeting type, subject, course, and instructor catalog tables in Astra Schedule. As new values are encountered during the import process, they are added to the Astra Schedule database.


NoteNOTE: The building and room inventory in Astra Schedule is not updated automatically during imports and updates. This information must be created before the import or update is performed if room assignments are to be imported along with sections. Section room assignments that do not exactly match existing Astra Schedule room records will not be imported. These sections will be displayed as “Unassigned”.


The process of creating section records and checking for new catalog table entries is performed during an initial term import as well as during an update where a new section record is being added.