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Pack Phase

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Pack Phase

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Pack Phase

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Performing the pack phase of sectioning will attempt to place orphaned students into sections and minimize the total number of sections offered by breaking up virtual cohorts (time and common need) or by swapping courses (recommended for eligible).


To initialize the pack phase of sectioning, perform the following:


Click the Pack Sections button to the left of the name of the sectioning run on which you would like to perform the pack phase.




The pack process creates a new sandbox sectioning run so the results of the two processes can be compared.  Enter a name for your new sectioning run.




Click Pack.


The sectioning run will initialize and begin running immediately, with a progress update on the sandbox list page.


When the sectioning process is complete, click the name of the sectioning pack file to review the results.  The results information provided for the pack phase is the same as that of the split phase.  Compare the results of the two processes to see the impact.


NoteNOTE:  It is recommended that no more than three sandbox processes are run simultaneously due to required system resources.


See Sectioning Results for more information.