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Same Time Link

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Same Time Link

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The Same Time Link feature is similar to cross-listing, except that having the same room assignment is not required. This section-level option is designed to support things like interactive TV course offerings that must meet at the same time, but one section may be attending a live lecture while the other is watching it on a video stream on a different campus.  The system will keep times in sync for these sections, whether manually editing meeting times, or automatically assigning times in a Timetabling sandbox.


To edit Same Time Link information, perform the following:


1.Open a section record in edit mode.

2.Find and expand the Same Time Info panel near the center of the section form.

3.Click Create New to configure a new Same Time Link from scratch.  Enter a Same Time Link unique ID in the window and select the other sections with which the section should be linked, then click OK.

4.Click Join Existing to add the section to an existing Same Time Link.  Select the applicable Same Time Link ID from the list and click OK.

5.You may use the Undo Link option to remove a section from a Same Time Link and any time.

6.Save changes to your section.