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Room Types

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Room Types

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Room Types

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The Room Type is a room field that describes the purpose of a room and is used as a scheduling preference for academic sections. Room Types should be just specific enough to accommodate the majority of activities without unnecessarily restricting access. Because room type is used as a scheduling preference, highly specific room types reduce the number of rooms that may be a possible fit for a section or event. Single purpose rooms should be defined with a specific room type (e.g. Lab - Microbiology), while rooms that may be used by many activities should use a more general room type (e.g. Lecture - General). Use room features to narrow the selection from the more general purpose rooms as needed.


If you are importing room records during implementation, the Room Type list is established during the import process. You may also manually configure and update the Room Type list.


1.Click on the Setup tab.


2.Click on the Master List option.


3.Select Room Type from the drop-down list. The list of Room Types is displayed.


4.Find the blank entry fields at the bottom of the list.


5.Enter a new Room Type name and description and click Add.


6.The new Room Type entry will appear on the list.


You may use the delete icon to the right of the entry to remove a Room Type from the list, or use the edit icon to modify the name and/or description.