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Room Configurations

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Room Configurations

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Room Configurations

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Room configurations are unique physical layouts that may be scheduled for a given room. A room has a default configuration (required) and any number of other possible configurations. The default configuration is automatically scheduled unless an alternate configuration is specifically requested by an activity for a special purpose. Rooms with multiple configurations are most commonly used for event scheduling. For example, the default configuration for a room may be tablet arm chairs with seating for 50, but alternatively it could be set up with circular tables and seating for 25.


The configuration of a room includes the following details:


Configuration name


Layout type (provided from defined list of standardized types for your institution)




Setup time


Teardown time




Room image


Default flag


To add an alternate configuration to a room, perform the following:


1.Navigate to the Resources tab.


2.Click on Rooms.


3.Click on the room record you would like to modify.


4.Click Edit.


5.In the Configurations section of the edit form, click Add New.


6.Specify the name of the new configuration.


7.Select a Facility Layout from the list.


8.Enter the scheduling capacity for the configuration.


9.Optionally specify setup and/or teardown times required for this configuration. These times will be added to any reservation made for the room in this configuration.


10.Optionally provide a text description of the configuration.


11.Optionally upload an image of the room.


Uploaded room image files are stored in the Astra Schedule database and are sized automatically to be appropriate for use in the application. To upload an image, perform the following:


1.Click Change on the image file box.


2.Click Browse to find your image file.


3.Browse to and select your image file (jpg, bmp or gif) and click Open.


4.Click Upload.


12.Select the Set as Default Configuration option if you would like to replace the default configuration with this one.


13.Click Save Configuration.


14.Click Save on the room edit form.