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Regions are user-defined groups of rooms that should be used to help define scheduling preferences and set user access for scheduling. Regions to which a room belongs are listed on the room record. The master region list must be defined before regions are available for use. Regions may be associated with rooms either from within a room record or from within the region record itself.


From the Resources tab, click on Regions. You may limit the list by entering keyword search criteria and/or a campus filter and then clicking the Search button. A list of regions, their description, and the number of rooms with which they are associated is displayed. Either click on the region name or on the View icon on the far right to see additional details for a particular region. Region details include the region name, campus, description, and any rooms associated with the region.


1.To add a new region to the list, click the Add Region button on the main region list page.


2.Enter a name and description for the region and select the appropriate campus using the drop-down field.


3.In the Rooms section at the bottom of the page, place check marks next to buildings and/or rooms that should be a part of the region and use the left arrow button to assign them to the region.


4.Click the Save button to save the region and return to the main list page.


To edit a region, click Edit from within the region details form or click the Edit icon on the far right of the main list page. Edit the region information as needed, including any room association changes and click the Save button to return to your starting point.