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Partitioned Rooms

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Partitioned Rooms

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Partitioned Rooms

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Many campuses have spaces that can be divided into smaller, or different, spaces. Obvious conflicts can occur when activities are scheduled into one of these spaces. To define these relationships and conflicts, room records in Astra Schedule can be configured as having partitions. When adding partitions to a room, the system records the partition and notes the conflict for both the room and its partition room. The system therefore knows which room is the “parent” and that an activity scheduled into either room creates a conflict for the other.


Room partitions are actual room records in Astra Schedule. The act of configuring partitions for a room simply establishes the link between the rooms in the partition relationship. Maintaining these records as distinct rooms allows for a great deal of flexibility in recording attributes for the scheduling of the independent partitions.


When configuring partitions for a room, a user may select the partition room from existing rooms in Astra Schedule or choose to create a new room record on-the-fly to represent the partition.


To configure a room partition, perform the following for each room in the relationship that has partitions:


1.Click on the Resources tab.


2.Click on the Rooms option.


3.Find the room record you would like to edit and click on its room link.


4.Click on the Edit button.


5.Click the Add Partition button in the Partitions section of the room form.


6.Using the drop-dowm menu displayed, choose either “Select From Existing Rooms” or “Create New Room as Partition” and click Ok.


7.If selecting from existing rooms, a list of rooms within the same building as the parent room is displayed. Place a check in the box next to the room or rooms to that are direct partitions of the parent room. Click Ok. The partition room and corresponding conflict is displayed.


8.If creating a new room as a partition, a simple room form is displayed. The system assumes the campus and building, but allows the configuration of the minimum required fields for a new room. You may optionally copy over attributes from the parent room record. Click the Create button to generate the room and add it to the list of partitions. The new room will now be available on the room list page as well.


9.Click Save to save the partition configuration for the room.

10.Repeat the process for all rooms in the relationship that have "child" partitions.