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Manage Room and Resource Requests

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Manage Room and Resource Requests

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Manage Room and Resource Requests

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Request Management

Astra Schedule provides a request management list page as a tool for viewing, tracking and acting on all incoming requests. The request management page includes event requests, room requests, and resource requests. The list is filtered automatically to display only those requests for which the user is an approver.


Manage Requests

When event request forms or room and resource requests are submitted, notifications are routed via email to the person(s) in the approver groups for the respective items. It becomes the responsibility of the approvers to act on these requests, manage the list of requests, and communicate with the requestors.


The request email notification includes a link to the notification list page. A user may follow the link or simply access the application at any time to view and manage their requests. After logging in, the approver can view their list of requests that require attention. Only those requests for which the user is an approver will appear on the list.


Event requests can be viewed in detail by clicking the request name. Room and resource requests are displayed as associated with their event parent activity. Details for the requests can be viewed by clicking to expand the parent row on the request list page to reveal the room and/or resource requests. Any request can be approved, declined, or have additional information requested. When event requests are approved, the approver will create the event record as part of the approval process. When room and resource requests are approved, the room or resource status is automatically updated to “scheduled” for the event activity. In each case, email communication is returned automatically to the requestor with a status update.


See also Approval and Notification Groups