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Room Features

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Room Features

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Room Features

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Room features are permanent attributes of a room that are significant for scheduling purposes. Only those specific room attributes that are often requested or required by activities should be included as room features. Keep in mind that excessive use of room feature requests can limit room selection to the point of virtually pre-assigning rooms to sections.


The room feature list must be defined before room feature edits or room feature requests can be made. Additionally, room features may be organized into groups through the use of configured feature categories. If you are importing room records during implementation, the feature list may be established during the import process. You may also manually configure and update the feature and feature category list at any time. To configure the room feature category list, perform the following:


1.Click on the Setup tab.


2.Click on the Master List option.


3.Select Feature Category from the drop-down menu.


4.Enter a name and description at the bottom of the list and click Add. The new category is added to the list and is available for use.


You may use the delete and edit icons to the right of any existing feature categories on the list to remove or modify categories.


To configure the list of room features, perform the following:


1.Click on the Resources tab.


2.Click on the Feature Master List option.


3.Click Add a Feature.


4.Specify a name and description for the feature.


5.Optionally, select a category from the list. Using categories is optional. Features with no category will display as “No Category”.


6.Check the Allow Qty box to enable quantities for the feature you are adding. Enabling quantities for the feature allows a quantity to be specified when that feature is added to a specific room, and therefore a quantity may be requested for scheduling.


7.Click Save to add the feature to the list.