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Select the Buildings option from the Resources tab to view the list of buildings in the application. To narrow the list being displayed, enter keyword search text and/or filter criteria and click on the Search button. Once the desired results are displayed you may view additional details about a specific building by clicking on the building name.


General building information includes basic defining data such as the campus, building name, building code (if applicable), address, description, building contact name, and building status. In addition to general information, certain options may be set and applied to all rooms within the specific building. These include:


May Not Schedule - This option removes all rooms in the building from available room searches.


Arranged Section - This option makes all rooms in the building available for sections marked as “Arranged”, or “TBA”. This is used primarily when a room is needed as a room of record even when the meeting pattern is not complete for the section records in question.


Do Not Optimize - This option removes all rooms as possible scheduling choices during room assignment optimization.


HVAC Zones and Departments associated with the building appear following the general building information. Finally, any custom, user-defined fields being utilized and any special notes are displayed.

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