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Add Room

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Add Room

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To add a new room to Astra Schedule, perform the following:


1.Click on the Resources tab.


2.Click on the Rooms option.


3.Click Add a Room.


4.Select the campus on which the room exists.


5.Select the building in which the room exists.


6.Specify the room number.


7.If desired, provide the square feet value for the room.


8.If desired, provide a key number for room access.


9.Select a room type from the list. (The room type list is created during room import and/or by manually adding to the list. See “Room Types” in the “Room Setup” section for more information.)


10.If desired, provide a room name to help identify the room by something other than its number.


11.If desired, specify the maximum occupancy value. (This is for reporting purposes only.)


12.If desired, provide a contact phone number for the room.


13.Enter a SISKey value for the room if this room will need to be referenced during imports.


NoteNOTE: SISKey values are the link between the record in Astra Schedule and your student information system.  SISKeys are automatically assigned when room definitions are imported during implementation, but must be manually entered if rooms are created by hand.  The default SISKey for room records is structured as "campus_building_room#".  This information must be entered if room assignments will be imported for academic sections.


14.If desired, select an HVAC zone for the room. (HVAC zones are defined in the "building" record.)


15.If desired, provide a text description for the room.


16.If the room is not available for scheduling, place a check next to “May Not Schedule”.


17.If the room is only available as a recorded value for sections with an “Arranged” status, place a check next to “Arranged Section”. The room will be available only for “Arranged” sections and no conflict checking will be performed.


18.If the room should not ever be considered by the optimizer and scheduled automatically, place a check in the box next to “Do Not Optimize”.


19.If the room may be manually shared by multiple activities at once (up to the room’s capacity), place a check in the box next to “May Be Shared” and specify the maximum number of sections.  (Note that shared rooms may only be scheduled manually, and not by the optimizer.)


20.Specify a name, layout and capacity for the default configuration for the room. (You may optionally upload an image of the room and provide setup, teardown and description information as well. See “Room Configurations” for more information.)


21.Add any room attributes or features that are significant for scheduling this room. (The feature list is created during room import and/or by manually adding to the list. See “Room Features” in the “Room Setup” section for more information.)


22.Select any regions to which the room belongs.


23.If scheduling of the room must be restricted, add a usage control. (See the section on “Usage Control” for more information.)


24.If the room may be partitioned into multiple rooms, specify partitions for the room. (See the section on “Partitioned Rooms” for more information.)


25.Optionally enter any special notes about the room.


26.Click the Save button to return to the room list.


You may use the delete or edit icon to the right of any existing room on the list to remove or modify a room.