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Collections are a group of resources that are generally all reserved together. A common example is an A/V cart that includes a TV, a DVD player, a remote, a microphone, a power cord, and the cart itself. Although the cart is made up of multiple individual resource items, it is reserved and tracked as a single unit. Items in a collection can be required or optional. When reserved, optional items may be selected by the user.


Create a Collection

To create a resource collection, perform the following:


1.Click on the Resources tab.


2.Click on the Equipment and Services option.


3.Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the screen.


4.Select Collection from the drop-down menu in the prompt and click Add Resource.


5.Enter a name for the collection.


6.Select a Category from the drop-down menu.


7.Place a check in the box next to any applicable resource group tags.


8.Enter a description for the collection.


9.Click the Add Item button to the right of the Items list panel. A resource search prompt is displayed.


10.Enter search criteria to find a resource item and click Search. A list of matching resources is displayed.


11.Place a check in the box on the far right next to any resource item you wish to include in the collection.


12.Optionally, you may place a check in the box in the column labeled “Locked to Collection” to specify that the selected resource item may NOT be reserved as an individual item.


13.Optionally, you may place a check in the box in the column labeled “Required” to specify that the item is required as part of the collection reservation and not an optional choice at the time of the request.


14.Click Add Selected Resources to add the selected items to the Item list for the collection.


15.Click Save to save your collection.