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Subscribe to a Report

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Subscribe to a Report

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Subscribe to a Report

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Users may subscribe to any available report to have that report delivered to them in a specific format at regular intervals. Additionally, an administrator may subscribe others to reports on their behalf. To enter a report subscription, perform the following:


1.Click on the Reports tab.


2.Click on the Report Subscriptions option.


3.Click the Add Report Subscription button. The Report Subscription Details form will appear.


4.Select the report to which you would like to subscribe from the list.


5.Enter a name for the subscription. (i.e. Daily Security Report)


6.Select the desired delivery format from the Output Format list.


7.Select the frequency with which the report should be generated from the Report Schedule drop-down list.


8.Click Add to add subscribers to the report.


9.Select a subscriber from the drop-down list and click Save to add them to the list.


10.If applicable, specify the parameters to be used in the report for this subscription.


11.Click Save to save the subscription and return to the list.