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Run a Report

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Run a Report

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Run a Report

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To view a report from the list, perform the following:


1.Click on the Reports tab.


2.Click on the Reports option. The list of available reports is displayed.


3.Identify the report you would like to view and click the report name.


4.If the report includes any user-configurable parameters, these options are displayed in the panel to the left of the report viewer. Click the Edit button to the right of the parameter you wish to change and enter or select the required value in the dialog box.


5.Click Apply to refresh the report to reflect your parameter entries. You may edit these parameters at any time and re-run the report.

NoteNOTE: The report viewer remembers the parameters used the last time you ran the report and enters these by default the next time you visit. This is a time-saving convenience for reports that are used frequently.