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Email Settings

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Email Settings

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Email Settings

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Because reports may be emailed to users through the subscription process, email server settings must be configured as well. This configuration is also used for other email functions throughout the application, including request, approval, and notification messaging. To configure your email server settings, perform the following:


1. Click on the Reporting tab.


2. Click on the Report Server Configuration option to view the Report Server Configuration details.


3. Click the Edit button and find the section for Email Settings.


4. In the Reply To Address field enter the default address that should be used when replying to email generated from the server.

NoteNOTE:  The Reply To Address may be used in certain event notifications and should be a valid email address.  If this address is not valid, errors will occur when these notifications are sent.


5. In the Server Name field enter the name of the mail server being used for the Astra Schedule application.


6. In the Server Port field enter the port the mail server is using.


7. Select the Requires Authentication box if the mail server requires user authentication.


8. Select the Requires SSL box if your mail server requires SSL.


9. Enter the User Name and Password that should be used when sending mail through the mail server.


10. Select a Notification Format from the drop-down list. This setting applies specifically to email messaging in the application and defines whether the messages are sent as HTML or as PDF attachments.
NoteNOTE: Due to Outlook HTML formatting issues in Office 2007, it may be desirable to send messages as either HTML 3.2 or PDF attachments.  Outlook 2007 uses Word 2007 for HTML rendering and does not properly format messages using HTML 4.0.


11. Click Save to save your changes.