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Creating and Editing Reports

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Creating and Editing Reports

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Creating and Editing Reports

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Crystal Reports 2008 is required to edit existing reports or create new reports to add to the Astra Schedule system. A new Crystal Report file (.rpt) can be uploaded to Astra Schedule and made available to users through the application. (See “Upload Reports” for instructions.) Please consult Crystal Reports help for more information on generating and editing report files.


Reporting on Astra Schedule data is supported through the generation of reporting-specific database views. These report views (typically labeled using the suffix “...ReportView”) combine data from various database tables to provide access to application data in a more report-friendly way.


Report data security is achieved through the use of special report views that include the list of event, section and resource records that can be viewed by individual users. By linking these “accessible” report views to their respective report data views in the report and imbedding a “User ID” parameter, user security is applied to the report. This specific parameter is intercepted by the Crystal web viewer and the user’s ID is passed in to the report automatically. See the Astra Schedule default report list for examples.


Connect to the Astra Schedule database with Crystal Reports to access these views and fields as needed.