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Configure Quality Points

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Configure Quality Points

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Configure Quality Points

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(Available starting with release 7.5.10)


Quality Points are used when calculating the minimum grade required for a program rule and for calculating the minimum GPA needed for a program rule when applying courses to degree audit rules.  The Quality Point configuration specifies whether, and how, given grades are to be calculated into a student's GPA.  Grades are automatically captured and added to the database during the import of student academic history.  These grades are automatically assigned a default quality point value based on our experience with typical institutions.  If needed, these values may be edited, or new grades and values may be added.


To view the list of grades that have been either captured during import or manually created, click the Quality Points option on the Academics tab.




Click the grade directly to view the Quality Point form.  You may edit the attributes of the Quality Point record, which consists of the following elements:




The name used for the grade


Quality Points


A number from 0 to 999 that determines how the grade value is calculated into the GPA


Count in GPA


Whether or not the system should use the quality points associated with the grade as part of the GPA


Meets Requirement


Whether or not (with or without quality points) the grade can count toward degree audit completion (e.g. a grade of "S" for Satisfies, has 0 points but still meets requirement)


Count as Failure


Determines how we calculate the number of failures in statistics (e.g. "W" for withdrawal (0 points) may not count as a failure)


Use for Conversion of Quality Point to Grade


Informs the system which grade value to use if there are multiple grades with the same quality point value (e.g. the average grade per student value is 2.5, but there 10 grades in this list with that point value - which should be used in statistics)