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Platinum Analytics Reports

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Platinum Analytics Reports

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Platinum Analytics Reports

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Using Reports with Platinum Analytics

In addition to accessing information on analysis results through the Analytics tab in the user interface, users may also want to access summary information available through reports.  In many ways, Platinum Analytics is a tool designed to give several insights and viewpoints into the data to assist with decision making.  Reporting is another way to do that, and additional reports are being added to the software with each upgrade.  In addition, an institution can modify or add a report to the report list.  This session covers how to access existing reports and add a new report to the user interface.




To access Platinum Analytics reports, perform the following:


1.Select the Reporting tab.


2.Click on the + beside Reporting Group and click on the box for Platinum Analytics Reports.


3.Click on Search to filter the results.


4.Platinum Analytics reports will appear.


5.To run a report, click on the hyperlink title of the report.


6.If parameters are required, enter the required parameters.  (Analysis Run = Spring 2012).


7.The report results should appear in the window.


8.You can export the results to pdf or excel.




Each report has a key on the last page to explain the columns associated with the report.  If your institution has additional reporting needs, please contact the Astra team for support.