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Add a Customer

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Add a Customer

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Add a Customer

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To add a new customer to the system, perform the following:


1.Click on the People tab.


2.Click on the Customers option.


3.Click Add a Customer.


4.Enter the customer name (required), address, and other contact information in the fields provided.


5.Add any notes about the customer.


6.Place a check next to any applicable Customer Groups (at least one is required).

7.If invoicing is enabled for your installation and Price Levels are configured, you may select a Price Level to which the customer should be associated.


8.You may click Save at this point to save the new customer record.


9.To create and add contacts to the Customer record, click Associate New Contact in the Customer Contact Information panel.

NoteNOTE: This process creates a new People record for the contact and associates them to this customer. To associate existing people as contacts for a customer, find the person’s record on the people list and edit their customer associations.


10.Answer “Yes” to allow changes to be saved to your customer record.


11.In the Customer Contact Info panel, provide any contact information that is specific to their relationship with the customer.


12.Otherwise, provide the basic contact information in the Personal Info panel below.


13.Click Save to return to the customer form.