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Implementation and Installation Notes

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Implementation and Installation Notes

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Implementation and Installation Notes

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Implementation and Installation Notes

Imports and exports are performed directly against the CX tables. Information regarding the table data utilized by these files is provided below in Data Access.


Astra Schedule utilizes an ODBC connection to the Jenzabar CX Informix database to import and export data. Before installing Astra Schedule, the following steps must be performed:


1.Create an Informix database user for the Astra Schedule application.


2.Install an Informix ODBC driver on the server hosting the Ad Astra Task Agent application.


3.Configure a DSN (Data Source Name) to the Informix database using the Windows ODBC administrator. (Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Data Sources)


4.Verify the connection.


5.Install Astra Schedule. During the installation process, you will select Jenzabar CX as the SIS connection and provide the DSN, User ID, and Password.