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User Setup

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User Setup

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User Setup

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Astra Schedule users can be configured to assume various roles relative to invoicing functions. Permissions defined within the Astra Schedule role record determine the invoicing features to which a user has access. The following permissions may be selected within a role:


Invoicing User


This permission is the key to all invoicing access. Without this permission, no invoicing functions are possible within Astra Schedule. Granting this permission provides access to all invoicing features, and enables both estimate and invoice creation permissions by default.
A user with this permission can view all invoicing related configurations, options, features, and reports, (event invoices/estimates/credit memos, room/resource pricing info, customers pricing info) except for the invoicing setup screen.

Invoicing Administrator


This permission grants user access to the invoicing setup and batch export options.


Can Generate Estimates/Invoices in Astra Schedule


These permissions grant user access to the invoicing functions within Astra Schedule events for generating quotes and invoices.
If the permission is not included, an "Invoicing User" can still view estimates and invoices on events, but not generate new ones.