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Export Initial Data

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Export Initial Data

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Export Initial Data

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The invoicing data must be populated with the Astra Schedule data required to perform invoicing functions and allow the configuration of pricing attributes and reporting. This data includes customers, rooms, and equipment and services. Astra Schedule is the owner of record for this data, and will automatically create new records and write changes to the invoicing tables in real-time during normal use of the application. Any time a record is added or edited in Astra Schedule, these changes will be added to the invoicing data.

NoteNOTE: When room partitions or effective dates are created in Astra Schedule, new room records are generated representing these room versions and added to the invoicing database as well.  If charges are to be applied for these rooms, pricing must be configured for these records in addition to the parent room record.

NoteNOTE: Events and Event Meetings must also exist in the invoicing data to perform invoicing functions. However, event information is exported to the invoicing tables in real-time as needed, and therefore event batch export is not required or provided.


However, to avoid having to go through every record initially to trigger updates to invoicing, Astra Schedule supports batch exports of these data elements to establish the initial database before configuration. The batch export process is a convenience to push this data to the invoicing tables. This is not a synchronization process. Because Astra Schedule is the owner of record, any fields for these records that map directly to Astra Schedule data will be maintained, and therefore overwritten, by Astra Schedule. No invoicing data records are deleted during the process. No changes to any of these records in the accounting data will be written to Astra Schedule. Batch exports can be repeated as needed if updates are required for any reason.


To run initial batch exports of data to the invoicing tables, perform the following:


1.Click the Invoicing Configuration option from the Setup tab.


2.In the section labeled Invoicing Batch Update, click Run next to each data type you would like to export.


 When completed, this data is available for use and will be maintained by Astra Schedule.

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